Thursday, June 4

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This is probably the longest time we have gone without a post. Don't worry - the cadres haven't gotten to us but we have just been plain lazy. We will be back in the coming week with more of your friendly neighborhood ethiopundit.

By the way, the Tiananmen Square Massacre was launched twenty years ago today after weeks of pro-democracy protests. In Meles Zenawi's Ethiopia the killing would have begun even more earnestly on the very first day.

Ferenji sanctions against China's Communist Party were far more sincere than any notice that has been made of the dozens of such massacres Ethiopians have seen in that time and the thousands of courageous men and women of every ethnic group who have been slain.

There is also the enduring matter of the daily horror of grinding poverty and oppression that has made suffering a tradition. This despite the utter dependence of Meles Inc. on ferenjis for its daily survival.

Despite the sincere evil of their government, the Chinese were at least allowed to develop over that time because the bosses see the creation of wealth in China as being in their own personal or group interest.

Meles & Co. have a common interest in eternal rule with the gang in the Forbidden City but have taken the begging / creative dishonesty 'development' approach to finance their rule at whatever cost to Ethiopians who are no more than hostages to ferenji good will.

Meles and the gangsters of Arat Kilo see any potential for the creation of wealth or sign of vibrancy in Ethiopians outside of their control as a mortal threat. They are absolutely right. Such men and women are like vampires - they can't survive any light at all.

Meles's revolutionary feudal aristocracy actually controls far more of Ethiopian life than China's has since the end of the Cultural Revolution while dominating and draining what little economic activity there is as they siphon aid. It is all sent abroad for safekeeping in ferenji banks and real estate.

So remember the massacre in China everyone knows about and wonder about the continuing massacre in Ethiopia that is simply accepted.

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