Tuesday, October 18

Ethio-Jazz and a few links

We are passing on some information from a radio producer interested in Ethiopian music who is presenting Ethio-Jazz with Mulatu Astatqé and the Either/Orchestra

Open Source, a nationally syndicated public radio show based in Boston is putting together a radio program for this Wednesday, Oct. 12th discussing Mulatu Astatke and the Ethiopique series, and the connection his work implies between Ethiopian and Western music.

Anyone interested in listening about or commenting on the artist himself or on why jazz musicians from these two regions of the world have found a common accord can visit the site .

Stop Repression - What else is more important! is a new Ethio-blog worth visiting. Weichegud hits the nail on the donor - regime head just so. Booker Rising is as good as ever as is Foreign Dispatches. rogue classicism is a new discovery that followed naturally from looking forward to every episode of HBO's Rome. The Sporadic Chronicle of Things and Happenings of Some Interest is always interesting. Gateway Pundit is worth visiting too.

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