Monday, January 31

Blog Roundup

Socialism in an Age of Waiting quotes Bronowski on “... where people were turned into numbers”.

Israpundit coordinates 'blogburst' to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz.

Foreign Dispatches is our most frequently read blog. Just pick any post.

AdamSmithee, a clear headed economic development blog, on how Small-scale irrigation dams in Ethiopia improve yields and food security, but they also increase the burden of disease.

Booker Rising is a great overall source of news and opinion that has a regular Ayaan Hirsi Ali Roundup, sometimes translated from the original Dutch.

Baldilocks looks at the Super Bowl.

Rambling's Journal on a fake car VW ad.

LaShawn Barber has some thoughts on the Roe v Wade annivesary.

Ambra Nykol will be on the radio and in print.

... and the rest of the Conservative Brotherhood

The hardest working man in blogdom, Chrenkoff adds 'Who's who of Iraqi political parties and lists' to his usual 'Good news from Iraq' series.

Venezuela News And Views on why the US media ignored Chavez's insults toward Condi Rice. More here.

The Volokh Conspiracy on the National Academy of Science report on gun control laws.

The Global Growth Blog on corruption and growth in Kenya.

The Head Heeb is paying attention to the Ethio-Eritrean border issue.

Marmot's Hole on North Korean nukes and Pakistan.

One Free Korea
is angry that China has sent a 72 year-old South Korean prisoner of war back to North Korea after he escaped his fifty-year captivity.

Meskel Square has some interesting thoughts on the rubble index of economic growth. He also wants to know where all the Ethiopian bloggers are.

Amber Henshaw tells of a terrifying ordeal and has a thoughtful slice of life blog out of Addis.

Friends of Ethiopia on the New Federal Laws that Lead to the Arrest of an Ethiopian Torture Suspect in the U.S.

Tezeta which means recollections or nostalgia? in Amharic is a historical / literary blog.

Life in Ethiopia takes an occasional look at a missionary and her experiences.

Michelle Malkin finds yet another columnist on the take.

Ambiguous Adventure a blog on Ideas, Culture and Politics in African Affairs is one of our favorites.

GotDesign, usually about Foreign Policy, the Intelligence Community, General Politics, and Miscellaneous Musings, does a great job of defending Harry Potter from a religious point of view.

Ethan Zuckerman on Keywords, folksonomies and Ghanaian barber shop signs.

Chippla on the problem of Nigeria.

Big Pharaoh on scandal in Egypt.

and some non-blogs

The Monty Python pages are about some of the best humor in human experience, seriously. Fawlty Towers, a short running English comedy about a second rate hotel in England and its psychotic / obsessive / passive-aggressive owner played by John Cleese is brilliant.

Rolls Royce journey through a jet engine.

Army and Air Force

Great Novels of alternate history.

The Mongols in World History.

Art Nouveau from Ethiopia.

Wordcount - tracking the way we use language.

The Man Who Told the Truth.

The history of sanitary sewers.

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