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Unganisha and more

Unganisha is a blog and hidden in its archives is an insightful and well written travelogue about a series of trips to Ethiopia for business.

UN Aid Team Goes to Southern Ethiopia Where Humanitarian Emergencies Loom
Aiming to avert a potential humanitarian catastrophe, United Nations aid coordinators have opened an office in the Somali Region of Ethiopia to provide assistance in the areas devastated by drought.
Anyone who lives where rainfall is highly variable can experience drought. Famine, however, happens only to the poor and powerless.

Human rights activist alleges Ethiopian government plan to cede land to Sudan
Prof Mesfin Woldemariam [renowned human rights activist] has issued a statement on the government's decision and preparations to give some part of Himora [northwestern Ethiopia] and its environs to Sudan. Prof Mesfin said there is substantial evidence that shows the land belongs to Ethiopia.

However, he said it is very hard to understand now why the Ethiopian government is ceding such a vast and fertile land to Sudan when thousands of youths perished and billions of birr worth of resources destroyed for a small village, Badme [the bone of contention in the border row with Eritrea].
WHO to roll out Aids drugs in Ethiopia.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) plans to provide anti-retroviral drugs to 150 000 Aids patients in Ethiopia by 2005, a WHO official said on Thursday.
The U.S. Agency for International Development has an HIV / AIDS Country Profile for Ethiopia here.
The current HIV prevalence estimate is 6.6% ; thus 3 million people are currently living with HIV.
Two blasts rock Ethiopian capital, no casualties

Hotel in Addis receives terror threat
An unknown group claiming to have links with al Qaeda threatened on Tuesday to blow up the Ethiopian Airport Motel, the Amharic weekly Tobia reported.
Belfast Telegraph
The 'Irish Rovers' are a group of junior football coaches, most of whom have links to the Greenisland Boys Club, who came out here to breathe fresh life into the troubled Ethiopian Football Federation, a one-time powerhouse in the sport ...
Long-Running Rivalry - The traditional clash between Ethiopia and Kenya in distance running is also a contest between competing visions of sport
The two countries share many of the same raw materials: light, thin runners born and trained at high altitudes (where higher red-blood-cell concentrations in athletes improve strength); a fierce desire to overcome poverty; and incredible reserves of mental and physical stamina. At the same time they offer a fascinating study in contrasting coaching and management styles: Kenya's free-market approach, in which each runner competes primarily for himself, versus Ethiopia's system of central control, in which the country's athletics federation decides where and when the athletes should run. "In Kenya, everybody competes and then the best will be selected," says Kipchoge. "It's not the government that is looking for athletes."
The Sheba Film Festival will celebrate the culture and history of the Ethiopian Jews by displaying arts, paintings and feature 5 films about Ethiopian Jewry.
The Festival primarily focuses on the culture and heritage of the Jews of Ethiopia, featuring 5 films demonstrating life primarily in Israel and Ethiopia, and showing the long history that Judaism has had in Ethiopia. Supplementing the films will be an artistic display from Beta Israel artists and cultural handiworks indigenous to Ethiopia. The Festival also serves as an opportunity for the Ethiopian Jewish community to expound on many issues that are affecting them today.
The Living Room Presidential Candidate from the American Museum of the Moving Image. It has a collection of Presidential Campaign Commercials from 1952 through today.

Have you ever imagined a sitcom based on the idea that one Astronaut was left on the moon when NASA lost its budget after America lost interest? Well someone thought of it.

From AfricaBlog a vivid image of America's designated world role and the U.N.'s abdication of responsiblity
The tough part, being an American, and being pro-intervention is that as powerful as the US is, both militarily and politically, even we don't have the power to right all of the world's wrongs.

My favorite book of all time is Catcher in the Rye. One of the things that I liked about it was the idea of the catcher--that is, the person running through the rye, at the edge of the cliff, doing his damnedest to keep children from falling over the edge. As you grow up, you realize that there is only so much you can do to help keep the world safe from danger--and that "so much" is really "so little." Like Holden, we all realize that we have to grow out of our Superman fantasies.

The UN is different. As a theoretical league of nations, it does have the power to make a great difference in the world. If the UN were an organization dedicated to its charter--the prevention of genocide, for instance--it would be an organization dedicated to actually acting in the interest of the Sudanese people, and the millions that live in places like Zimbabwe.
Confessions of a Bleeding Heart Warmonger from the same blogger is interesting as well.

Mostly Africa should be visited if you are interested in Africa. We were going to link to individual posts but there are so many of them ... just visit the whole site.

Belle de Jour is the blog diary of a London call girl.

Welcome to EUROBAD '74, an exhibition of Europe's worst interiors of 1974.

Ethioindex is a good source for newslinks.

Chrenkoff on the Secret diplomacy of John F Kerry

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