Monday, July 26

Mecha Tulema Deja Vu all over again and more

1966 - Mecha Tulema Oromo organization outlawed by the late Emperor's government for 'terrorist' attack in movie theatre .
2004 - EPRDF (ruling party) revokes Mecha Tulema registration license: this time the alleged bombing occured at the University.
There have been other recent attempts to defame this Oromo organization that ring hollow to us. It is likely that they are not subservient enough to the powers that be. From Exchange News Network

From Mostly Africa - Sudan gets new fighter jets

Outsourcing comes to Africa. At network

No one takes care of war memorials and cemeteries like the British do. The Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in Addis is an immaculate place of hushed dignity. See Commonwealth War Graves at Gulele Cemetary and Addis Ababa War Cemetery

Fine Addis Ababa City Map from Selamta. It is at least 25 years out of date now ... and Addis has how many million people now?

Capital The Paper that Promotes Free Enterprise. An idea whose time has certainly come.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics: if you've ever wondered.

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