Tuesday, July 20

Good news from Iraq and more

At Chrenkoff's you will find the sixth instalment of "Good news from Iraq". This series is a welcome antidote for the customary drumbeat of bad news in most of the media.

Black Ships and Samurai is an absorbing site about Japan's opening to the West. Commodore Perry took a squadron of the U.S. Navy and dropped anchor in Edo (Tokyo) Bay in 1853 demanding that Japan open her ports to trade.

Creation of the O.A.U. (Organization of African Unity) is a fantastic look at the more recent past of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular.

The Cyber-USSR. is interesting, the mission statement says it all
"Due to events too painful even to think about, the earthly USSR no longer exists. Nevertheless, wherever progressive people meet, there will remain the USSR of our fond aspirations, a realm where no kulak goes un-liquidated, no five-year-plan goes un-overfulfilled, and no Great Leader and Teacher goes un-venerated. This land of our dreams exists on the Internet, the Cyber-USSR"

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