Wednesday, April 1

Everybody Knows I'm the Heir to the Mengistu Dynasty

Ethiopia's dictator Meles Zenawi is to be Africa's representative at the G-20 summit ... and this is his theme song:
I'm talkin' ta you, Ethis
I’m the African Advocate, y’all thought you had me
Ferenjis brought me back from the dead, business in Somalia

Bouncin' in London throwin' up Weyane, man
Rulin' another 18 years? YES I AM
Y’all like damn, this cadre did it again
Hundred million in just one bank, Lenin above the brim

Ferenjis on the right side
Gun on the left side
Cadres from Addis to New York, know how to throw up the TPLF side

[Chorus - Spill blood, Spill blood, Spill blood - repeat X 2]

Word to the Ethis
I'm so ill, believe me, I’ll kill you all
Fly direct to the White House, next to Bush or Obama 'n' stand tall

Better be glad you breathin'
All I need is one reason
I'm the king, and ferenjis say it Africa need me

Don't care if you Tigray, Oromo, Amhara
Ethis step to me, I don't never say holla
All y'all punks bleed the same color
Make room for Bereket and Li'l Sammy - if they behave
The rest of you Ethis goin' live as my slaves

I don't know why you Ethis keep tryin' me
Everybody knows I'm the heir to the Mengistu dynasty
I ain't got beef with Issias, no beef with Bashir
What's beef when you gettin' paid billions right here?

[Chorus - Spill blood, Spill blood, Spill blood - repeat X 2]

The starving Ethis, I keep 'em on display
Ferenjis pay up so I won’t hurt ‘em again
We play that game laugh then I do it my way

You Ethis better make up a dance and try to get radio play
Keep on snappin' your remotes, I ain't going away
I don't regret what I spit, ferenjis believe every word I say

And Ethis keep talkin' about me, they don't know when to stop
I’m Mao, I’m Botha, I’m Che, I’m Pol Pot
This ain't sh** but a warnin' 'til my Agazi drop
Image & video on You Tube with sincere apologies to The Game.

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