Monday, December 24

Happy Holidays To You ... and 3.5 years and counting for us

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and A Joyous Holiday Season of every variety to all.


We will also take this opportunity to salute ourselves for 3.5 years of writing / illustrating / html-ing / persisting on these pages. In the blogging universe, 3.5 years is a near eternity. To our continuing surprise, readers keep coming back and new ones keep joining them. We really thank all of you.

We are sorry that the pace of writing has been slowing down of late for no reason in particular - but it will return to at least several posts a month regularly in 2008. We never think that we are noticed or read until the very real variety and nature of all efforts to 'encourage' us to stop writing make us realize we somehow do matter. Above all those efforts have convinced us to stick with this indefinitely into the future.

That is barring a "who will rid me of this troublesome blogger?" moment sometime. Oh well ... we think of all that people have done for freedom in the U.S. or the dream of democracy in Ethiopia ... from warriors at Adwa to soldiers at Normandy - from civil rights workers found buried in dams to a generation of Ethiopian democrats shot down in the streets or in prison camps today.

One thing we know for sure is that all of those people didn't sacrifice so much for so long so that a pissant dictatorship anywhere could tell folks living under the protection of the U.S. Constitution how to think, speak, or live. We don't think we are all that big a deal but it seems rather often that we are - given all of that - the least we can do is keep writing this blog.

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