Tuesday, November 22

Soylent Green is People !

Commercial Announcer: brought to you by Soylent red and Soylent yellow, high energy vegetable concentrates, and new, delicious, Soylent green. The miracle food of high-energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world.

Charlton Heston's Detective Thorn: It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They're making our food out of people. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them!


We will be back after Thanksgiving. None of us are really feeling blogging these days. Above all don't take any of the government hype at face value - like soylent green it is to be noted exactly for what it is but not consumed.

A very kind reader (we think ...) wrote to tell us recently that it did not matter that we weren't posting here for a while because the long held views of most government critics including ethiopundit about Meles Incorporated are rapidly becoming common wisdom.

If so - that is mainly because of the bloody hands of the government itself. However, we must say it is a pleasure to have ever increasing company among voices, like Detective Thorn's, going on about Meles Inc.'s mass marketing of Soylent Green.

Please visit our recent / archived posts on the sidebar for the back story of recent events and all of the links there such as Dagmawi, Ethio Media.Com, Ethiopian Review Magazine and Weichegud! ET Politics for Ethiopian news and commentary.

Prof. Christopher Clapham's Comments on the Ethiopian crisis is the very best summary of current events we have come across.


African Bullets and Honey is a great source of reasoned opinion that has this report of a recent visit to Ethiopia.

The following are also excellent blogs: Booker Rising, Gateway Pundit, Publius Pundit, Instapundit, Foreign Dispatches, Econ Log, Global Voices, and Ethan Zuckerman,

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