Saturday, September 11

World War IV

9/11 in the U.S.; School siege in Russia; Child Slaves in Sudan; Suicide bombing in Israel; Shi'ite Mosque bombing in Pakistan; Car bomb in Iraq; Australian Embassy bombing in Indonesia; Afghan Woman executed by the Taliban; Nepali hostages killed in Iraq

The Fourth World War is here. This time humanity faces determined enemies who want to bend Islam, one of the world's great religions, to their own private will in the service of a new totalitarian evil. The first three wars were fought against the Central Powers from 1914-18, totalitarian Fascism from 1935-45 and totalitarian Communism from 1945-91.

The enemies were first engaged with (often simultaneous) policies based upon wishful thinking and frank appeasement that were nurtured by civilization's own self doubts, denial and fears. Peace only came when enough people had the final bitter realization that like it or not there was a war going on that was worth winning.

That realization came to most in the U.S. three years ago today. Some countries had been fighting the war for years while a few are just noticing it. Many others in the U.S. and elsewhere remain unconvinced or simply assume they will remain untouched.

It is the same war all over the world and it has to be won.

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